Wintery Wonderland Urns….How to Make ‘Em & How To Show Them Off!!!

Are you tired of looking at your summer urns lacking ompf, sick of seeing the squirrels burying their winter snacks in the dirt, well I have the perfect Winter Urn Project for you!

You will need :

4 bundles of boughs (preferably 2 spruce & 2 balsam)

3 Birch Sticks (or you could use willow branches)

1 set of Twig Lights (22.00 @ Walmart, 20.00 @ Superstore)

2 or 3 sprigs of Berries (go to Michael’s, every week they have a discount of some sort)

3 Big Shiny Balls on Sticks (6.00 @ Walmart)

First start by sticking Spruce greenery in, sticking it everywhere in the pot to fill all space. Then start placing  randomly the other greenery under the lip of urn (draping) & then sporadically through the pot to create dimension. Make sure the branches are not sticking to far out that they will scratch the car or Daddy won’t be happy. Push Birch branches in the centre towards the back of the urn. Stick twig lights in….most have 3 sticks in a package, so place in the middle spreading them out 3 0r 4 inches from each other. Now you need to bend then into greenery so that you can see the lights but they are not all clumped together. Stick the shiny pick balls in, use the left over branches (cut small) to stick into centre to cover any imperfections.

A good idea to help keep things in place & to hold down in a wind storm (Thxs Calgary), is to pour a bucket of water into urn on a cold day. It will freeze everything into place & be heavy enough not to blow into your neighbor’s yard.

Below is the Before & After Picture….makes quite a statement don’t you think. This took all of 20 minutes to put together. The bonus is next year when you go to do, you will only need to buy the boughs and every year you could add something interesting….large acorns, a bow, a bird, a summer garden ball. The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy your urn & please let me know how yours turns out.


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