Your Purpose Has Nothing To Do With What You Do…..Thought Provoking, I Think So

The ThinkerI would like to share a strong message that I believe in from a fellow Blogger who hit’s the nail on the head. So eloquently put, don’t let the length of this Blog scare you….it is so worth the read & perfect timing! Happy New Year & thank you for following me on my Blog. I am learning as I go. I need to explore & learn more….I am pumped for the New Year of 2013!!!

Your purpose has nothing to do with what you do. There, I said it. Your purpose is about discovering and nurturing who you truly are, to know and love yourself at the deepest level and to guide yourself back home when you lose your way. That’s it. Everything else is your burning passion, your inspired mission, your job, your love-fueled hobby, etc. Those things are powerful and essential, but they’re not your purpose. Your purpose is much bigger than that.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot on a personal level lately. My deeper understanding of purpose feels right in my bones. It diffuses the ache of separateness I experience when my work isn’t appreciated or when my efforts are overlooked or criticized. Sometimes folks will treasure your work, sometimes they won’t. Sometimes you’ll get the gig, sometimes you won’t. You’ll be on the marquee and you’ll be passé. You’ll be thanked and you’ll be taken for granted. You’ll give and you’ll get nothing in return. You’ll be “Liked” and you’ll be unfriended. That’s life. But, so then what? You have no purpose or meaning? Absolutely, positively not. Can you see how tying your worth to that circus will only make you feel depleted, depressed and even resentful? Anchor your purpose within, sweet friend. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself drifting out at sea again and again.

What if your purpose is very different than what you’ve been taught to believe?
What if your purpose is to build an everlasting relationship with yourself? To fall deeply in love with precious you? This isn’t self-centered or selfish, it’s self-expansive. Interconnected. Conscious.
What if your purpose is to forgive yourself and others? And by doing so, to allow warm waves of compassion to wash over the entire planet (yourself included).
What if your purpose is to gently heal all self-injury? And by doing so, to become a mentor and role model for others to do the same.
What if your purpose is to release all shame and feelings of unworthiness? Guess what you’ll find behind those feelings? Vulnerability. Roll out the red carpet for the V word because vulnerability is where your true strength and glory resides.
Shall we talk about perfection? Yes, I think we must. What if your purpose is to teach yourself that there is no such thing as perfection and that your never ending pursuit of it is destroying your life and your relationships. Let it go.
What if your purpose is to speak kindly to yourself so that you elevate your energy and the world around you?
What if your purpose is to develop an everlasting faith in yourself? To remember your holiness and treat yourself accordingly. The deeper your faith gets, the stronger your connection to a higher power.
What if your purpose is to take impeccable care of yourself so that you have the energy and joy to serve others?

And lastly …

What if your purpose is to bear witness to your suffering? To acknowledge it and embrace it in order to move through it. “They” say that “suffering is optional.” I’m not so sure about that anymore. I used to think that was true. But that was before I had a deep and layered experience with suffering. Today, I think suffering is essential. The trick is to learn how to move out of suffering once you get the nugget and are ready to apply the lessons. Note: Residue of pain may remain (and that’s OK), but at some point you can fully release the suffering.

Seriously, what if finding your purpose is about finding and nurturing yourself? Not an external to-do or accomplishment, even if that to-do or accomplishment is the most important discovery of all time. Because if you are the one destined to find the most important ah-ha of all time, you will probably find it quicker and easier if you feel good, loved and happy. Start there. It’s that simple.

Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t love my job (or you) or that I’m going to quit in anyway. I cherish my work and all of my readers. And it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start an orphanage or save animals or empower women or teach people how to file taxes. It means that you no longer need to connect your personal self-worth with a plaque on the wall.

Your self-worth has nothing to do with your craft or calling and everything to do with how you treat yourself.

I’ve met brilliant and effective activists who I have gallons of respect for but who are dirty messes inside. Mean messes. Bitter messes. Sad messes. And guess what? Their reach and impact reflects their attitude. Imagine what they could accomplish if they moved from loathing to love, if they knew that no matter how important their mission, their inner purpose matters even more. Folks are like plants, we all lean towards the light.

You are the light. Your inner purpose is to connect with that light. Everything else will follow in time.

Thank you Kris Carr


Initial DIY For Your Little People

Blog1 011Blog1 004Letter
I can post this now because Christmas is over. I made these personalized letters for all my little people. It’s so simple, fun & loved.
Materials you need:
3 dimensional paper mache letter (I found on Etsy, 8″)
lots of black & white pic’s of special person on plain paper
an art board
Mod Podge
Paint to paint art board
Spread mod podge on picture, put on paper mache letter and press it down. It’s easy to fold picture over the sides…make sure you get all the sides & front. Once complete put a coat of Mod Podge over the whole letter to secure. Let dry. I used paint that I had on hand to paint my canvas. It is better to roll paint on then to spray paint, it gives it a better matte finish. When letter & art board are dry use glue gun to adhere letter to art board & voila, you have a one of a kind master piece!

Christmas Table…Inspired By A Box Of Jingle Bells

A girlfriend gave me a small box of red & green bells for Christmas, the perfect inspiration for our Christmas table….
Christmas DInnerChristmas DInnerChristmas DInnerChristmas DinnerChristmas DinnerChristmas Dinner

Home Made Herbal Polysporin….No Lies, Easy & Useful

Herbal Poly
What we all need to do is clean house in “The Medicine Chest”…there are so many easy recipes for healthier replacements than your local drugstore med’s. I found this recipe on a really cool blog called Frugally Sustainable
When I made, I adjusted a tad….just because I can.

First-Aid Antiseptic Ointment


-1 1/2 ounces beeswax, grated
-1 cup olive oil
-1/4 teaspoon vitamin E oil
-1/2 teaspoon tea tree oil
-20 drops lavender essential oil
-10 drops lemon essential oil
1. Over very low heat, in a small pot or double boiler, melt oils and beeswax.
2. Remove from heat and add vitamin E oil and essential oils. Stir with a chopstick.
3. Pour mixture into small sterilized jars (or a mason jar). Allow to cool on counter.
4. Store in a cool, dark place. Use as needed on wounds. Will keep for approximately 5 years.


antiseptic properties of the essential oils include:
■Tea tree oil: antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial
■Lavender: analgesic (pain relief), antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial
■Lemon: antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial

If you don’t enjoy the smell of lavender, you can substitute chamomile essential oils for lavender and fir essential oils for lemon.

Let’s Give The Mayans A Few Seconds & My Other Christmas Movie Fav More Seconds…..

I am soooo glad the world is still here & wonderful!! For all those Mayans out there that thought the world was going to end, what are you going to do now that you have slept with your neighbors wife, bought ecstasy on a street corner that had police video surveillance, over spent on a purchase of airline tickets & a 5 Star hotel?
Feliz Año Nuevo

Yes this is my other fav….so funny!

Deck The Walls….Tres’ Cool Idea

Deck The Walls


The True Meaning……

I have 2 Favorite Christmas Shows…this is one of them, can you guess the other?

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