Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Who Is The Fairiest Of Them All…It’s You Baby, You Look Fab!

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

An interesting & totally classy way to “tszuj” up your bathroom mirror is to frame it. I am talking taking it from ho hum boring to drop dead gorgeous & you will feel better when you look at that Purdy face when it is framed. Picture Perfecto!

What you need:

Lengths of MDF Moulding to fit your mirror (cost is anywhere from 79 cents to 3.00 a foot)

Miter box & saw (don’t be scared, it is tres easy)

Zak Caulking or Liquid Nails

Poly Filla


And Your Handy Self

Mirror 006

Measure the length and width of your naked mirror. now look at your moulding and make sure you are measuring the right side if the moulding is beveled. put the moulding into miter box and pick the 45 degree angle. Set board in and saw. Remember measure twice cut once (something my brother has instilled in my head). Cut all four sides…lay out on floor to make sure it makes your rectangle or square. Paint the mouldings before you put up, it’s so much easier. Paint the inside of moulding that will be mirrored as the reflection will show raw mdf  if you don’t paint. All things are not square even though your pieces will be, so best to start with the top piece. Put caulking or liquid nails on moulding and place on mirror. You might have to hold until it sets, I actually clamped mine for 10 minutes. Then add the sides, and the bottom strip. Don’t worry if your corners don’t fit perfectly.  Place them as close together as possible.  Once all pieces have set then you can fill in space with  Poly Filla  Use your finger and smooth out (if you wet finger then smooth, it works better), and let dry then sand. Paint to touch up.

Voila, you have created something “Picture Perfect”.

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