Beautiful Eye’s With No Fuss or Muss

Dior MascaraDior has  awesome colored mascara….I know, I know we aren’t in the 80’s…. but this mascara is amazing. Now you are probably thinking that girl had to much vodka. Purple mascara has a habit of looking bolder on the brush than it does on your lashes, so don’t let the sight of it turn you into a shrinking violet.  Purple is strong, but it’s also flattering on most skin tones. Redheads have the ability to rock an edgy purple eye like no one else can.  Add a thin line of purple liner, it will deepen brown eyes and bring out the green tones in hazel eyes.

Trade Secret……I wear it on days when I don’t do much to my eyes. Foundation, little bit of blush, matte my eyelid with Mac Brule Shadow Pot & put on Dior Purple mascara. It brings 2 pee holes in the snow to shazam  eyes with hardly any effort.

Do it ladies…you will be Smizing’s without tryzing! Hah!

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