What I Know For Sure….We Are What We Think!

You Have The World In Your HandsI am trying to work on myself in one really important aspect of my life. It is on Self Talk….whenever we say something, we give it life….we get exactly what we have been saying. Wow, note to self “Christmas” time can be happy or sad, it is what you think it is.

I unfortunately lost two special Sister friend’s this year, both of them unbelievably strong. What was so incredible about  them is that they never complained, never said a negative thing & both of them knew their destiny was short. When I spoke to them I was able to visit & laugh and reminisce as if this is the way we will be forever. They both commented on what a pleasure it was to talk with me because I treated them “Normal”, I didn’t have sad eyes or the worst,  talking to close to their face….cuz you know when someone is dying they lose their hearing Hah! What is amazing is that I was able to talk to these women that way because they made it easy. They didn’t want to give their upcoming death “life”. They have empowered me to make sure that the words I am sending out, are in the direction I want my life to go.  To change the direction of my words…I have to change my ways. As soon as words are spoken, they take root. Don’t describe your sad, sorry situation, use words to change the situation. Don’t talk about the problem, talk about the solution. Don’t talk about the way I am, talk about the way I want to be.

This premise has been festering (a good festering) in me for a while. These two wonderful ladies gave be a “Nudge” in the right direction. Something I knew I had to do to change the way I look at certain things.

What I know for sure….you believe what you say more than anyone else.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Connie House
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 13:55:27

    Well said, and a good reminder


  2. mestreseo
    Dec 27, 2012 @ 05:22:36

    thanks for taking a time to help people with so great information, congratulations, your work is so dignifying. mestreseo mestreseo mestreseo mestreseo mestreseo


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