Good Times In Sin City…Trying To Adjust To My Life At Home

peaceWell I am back from Vegas & am hoping that my hand will open from the cupped position (it seems it still thinks there is a beer can in it) & my eyes will adjust to sunlight.
It’s amazing when you are in the hubbub of night lights, ringing machines, hooting, hollering & scantly clad women how Christmas is maybe not forgotten but not thought of in the same way as at home. Don’t get me wrong I love Sin City for 72 hours…no longer. It’s great to get back to the smell of a real Christmas tree, see the Christmas lights on the mantle, quit wearing those short dresses, fish net stockings & high heels with Marabou peek toes , hear a Christmas song that Frankie isn’t singing & get that “feeling”. The one that is in all of us….the one that is singing, wanting to help people, hanging out with little people who are mesmerized by the idea of candy hidden in the cupboards & presents under the tree.
I think we can get that feeling all year-long if we put our minds in the right place. I know I am going to put my intentions on different things this year. My intention is to see everyday as another day to explore & smile….to appreciate all that I have….enjoy the simple things like sunshine, the smell of fresh air, the fact that I can walk, smell & see. Sound corny to you??? Try it with me my friend. Let’s make a difference even if it is as small as a smile to that ornery teller in the grocery store. It might make her smile wondering “What the Sam Hell is wrong with that women”….haha
Peace out People & had to insert this quote I found…..
Las Vegas: all the amenities of modern society in a habitat unfit to grow a tomato. ~Jason Love


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