Empty frames, a can of blk spray paint..visual perfection

Blog Mom's.jpg9
I was recently at my Mom & Dad’s taking down Christmas Decor on the top of their cupboards. Once everything was down, the cupboard top’s definitely needed a make over. Taking a look at what would work up there, I found several empty old frames downstairs & a can of black matte spray paint. After spraying the frames, they were arranged above the cupboards randomly. This project took less than an hour & at no cost.
Also I put a grouping of angels my Mom has collected with a family picture & an awesome picture of my Grama with a jar of buttons (a good memory) & Uncle Jack.
I think it is important to have pieces of our loved ones that have passed around us. I made a memory box out of a shadow box (from Ikea), covered the hard backing with pink tulle & pinned my Gramas pins onto the backing….so simple & inexpensive but packs a loud message of how we think of her.
Blog Mom's
Before….boring & Empty
Blog Mom's.jpg2
The Lot Of Empty Frames
Blog Mom's.jpg4
Blog Mom's.jpg3
Memory Box with my Gramas 2 Pins
Blog Mom's.jpg8
My Grama & Uncle Jack…May They Rest In Peace
Blog Mom's.jpg9
A Group of Angels guarding Brothers & Sisters

I wished I would have had my own camera with me to really show the difference in the before & after but I am sure you can see how with little finances, a bit of brain storming & having the agility of a cat can make a huge difference to an empty space!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Connie House
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 05:46:53

    You do lovely work, how are you enjoying doing your blogs?


    • Raven Style
      Jan 14, 2013 @ 05:54:02

      Thank you Connie, I love it! It’s really ending up to be a chronicling of what I do & think…haha who would have thought that was interesting????? I would love to hear more about your life in China, FB message me if u have some time. xoxo guo hao tian…haha


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