Boot Lover

206321226648972657_bDEhKTKO_c6-supreme-viafBoots – the one thing that really completes an outfit. Tall, short, black, brown, teal, purple, suede, buckskin, alligator, embroidered, high heel, block heel, warm, ….ooohhhh so many options! Ladies please don’t hide those supple, leather and very expensive foot adornments behind closed doors. Showcase them front & center in your visible space so that can visit them daily. They are my Eye Candy! STY_07_11_In_Their_Closet_Chanel_Riding_Boots_636x424279223245616585459_fFSAimU4_b157485318190422464_5S62CDLZ_b87398048988160854_ydkNP8By_b79868593361127648_C34OMkzp_c16677461089604334_wsbmzL8m_b8374740296_81c5f16030_o .


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