2 Leftover Sausages…Hmmm What to cook?? Bubble & Squeak, That’s What


I don’t like to waste food but not crazy about leftovers. Leftovers is a word that describes something “Not Cool, Not Wanted, Last Picked for Baseball Team”…you get my drift. So this past week my challenge was 2 lone sausages. To revamp said “Pig” into “The 1st Meal” not the left over meal.

I chopped up sausages into bite size pieces and fried them with a small onion and 7 slices of bacon..yes people, you may as well add in what we all love & rarely cook. After onion is translucent & meat browned, add in a can of black beans, a can of chopped tomatoes, a Tbsp of Dion mustard, Italian spices, salt & pepper. I cooked a small amount of penne pasta (2 handfuls in boiling water) or you could forget the pasta & pour over rice. When the pasta was denti, I added to meat mixture in an oven proof dish. Add a sprinkle of cheese on top & pop into oven at 350 until golden & bubbly.

I call it Bubble & Squeak it’s very yummy, real easy, fast & it’s a “First Meal”!


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