This Beaut is Pretty Much Perfect Except…..It is Toxic To Cats

SONY DSCLook’s like a bouquet…I took photo from above plant. This plant is potted
SONY DSCThis picture shows just how many blooms this Baby has…..

I have always loved “The Star Gazer” Lily, not only for it’s beauty & crazy ass fragrant perfume but because it was created in the year 1978 (that was a good year!!), it’s blooms face towards the sky (swoon) & it’s symbol is devotion.

When I came upon this “Beaut” in Home Depot I knew I needed to have…when I got home & researched how to care for this lily, I found this plant to be toxic to cats! Argh…this is what it said:  They are said to cause vomiting, inappetence, lethargy, kidney failure, and even death. Cats are the only species known to be affected.

I found a perfect home for Ms. Star Gazer, it will be loved & appreciated in a cat free home!! I did enjoy for a while & I have gorgeous pictures. It was worth it!


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