Day 3 Count Down To Valentine’s Day….DIY Heart Elbow Patches

I saw this on Pinterest months ago but kept it for the perfect time of year for hearts. This was very easy and I do love an elbow patch. Below is finished product.

Items you need: Wool sweater, Felting Needle (Michael’s), foam, wool roving, heart cookie cutter, an iron

With sweater on put a piece of scotch tape about 1/2″ below elbow. This is where you will place the bottom of the cookie cutter. Insert the piece of foam inside sleeve where the heart will be formed. Place cookie cutter bottom at the top of tape. Place small tufts of roving wool inside heart.

Start poking the felting needle into the roving (this is much better than a voodoo doll…save it for when you need to vent), start on the outer edges and poke to your ♥’s content. Above picture is what it looks like after you have finished stabbing.

This is what the inside look’s like. Make sure to poke all edges securely into sweater. You can do this after you have removed cookie cutter.
Turn your iron onto wool setting, spritz heart & iron.
Presto, you have a unique sweater that no one will have….well that is if you know someone who doesn’t follow Pinterest…haha

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