Supplements….It Doesn’t Have To Be Soooooo Confusing

i8crgl22va_44f79171_080a_95a4_6214_0e78bbf4d2feI am lucky enough to have Darlene (A Herbalist) from The Natural Flow to Health (her website in my backyard, but for those of you who do not have a Darlene of your own, I’ve asked her about daily supplements to which she commented:

Ok here we go. Yes you are correct a good diet and water is very important (we should be drinking half our body weight in ounces daily)!
If a person does not eat well enough and they lack nutrients then this is what I
would suggest no matter their health history:

-Bifidophilus: (a live probiotic) 1-3 per day @ bed
-Chlorophyll: For greens, nutrients for blood, lowers inflammation etc (comes in liquid form).
Preferably Chlorophyll with no artificial preservatives. Chlorophyll is also very high in calcium (one of the best sources actually).
-B100: At breakfast maybe noon as well. Great for energy and mood stabilizer
-VIt D: 1000-4000 depending on the weight and age
-Mineral combination: A good one! (we are all depleted in minerals due to
sugar and carb intake). I like “Real Minerals @ Last” 1-3 per day
-Magnesium complex: Relaxes bowels and muscles and helps with nerves (stress is huge
in life now a days).

For me, these are the basics if not diet related!
A good/clean diet would reduce the dosages”

Thxs Darlene…great info!

Here’s the sitch, there is no one-size-fits-all supplement prescription, but there are some basics that will help to get you started. You might be asking yourself, why can’t I get everything my body needs from a well-balanced diet? I sure wish we could. Unfortunately, that often isn’t the case in today’s world. Modern farming practices and environmental issues have depleted the vitamins and nutrients in our food. Plus, everyone’s nutritional needs are unique, especially when facing a health challenge. Think of supplements as your insurance policy. This is why I completely agree that the best way to proceed with creating a supplement program is with the guidance of a trained professional. Magazine articles and cleansing fads can lead you down a confusing road that wastes your time and money. A trained professional will look under your hood and carefully analyze where you’re deficient and why. They’ll also offer nutrition advice to complement your protocol.
My story is a perfect example of how a trained professional needed to assess my mental & physical well being….or shall I say Not Well Being!!! That was 7 years ago & now that my body & mind (some would not agree with this…haha) are normal, I am on a few daily herbs & minerals that Darlene has recommended.
Word to the wise (and let’s take a deep breath together): It’s easy to get overwhelmed by supplements, but integrating them into your life doesn’t need to become a second job. I did take a lot of supplements over the past years, but I am now on a few to fill in the gaps where diet & envirnoment don’t fill the bill.
Happily Herbal


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  1. Darlene
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 08:54:02

    Good job Cindy, hope this helps a lot of people and takes some of the confusion out of their regime and targets their needs. With Natural Supplements not always is more better. Better quality, strength and purity is key!


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