Lord, if Mike was here he might have a Blog…haha This would be tame to what he would write but love Quinn’s writing. Please take the time to read this Blog! It will make you laugh & change your perspective on “Chair Life”…..

Re-Inventing the Wheels

crazy teddy
Time and time again, I am faced with random strangers confessing their tales of woe to me; random facts about themselves that they must feel are relatable somehow to my sitting in a wheelchair.
For instance, while at the till at XYZ Giant Toy Store the other day, the clerk asks me why I’m in a chair, and before I finish my standard sentence… “I have a spinal cord injury from a car accident blah, blah blah,…”, she cuts me off and says “I was in a fender bender during a drunk scavenger hunt 16, no maybe 17 years ago. Lucky to be alive! I might end up in one of those things (a wheelchair) anyway though and that TERRIFIES me!” she visibly shivers. There is a line up, my purchase is completed, I’m feeling awkward and trying to motion towards the door making all of the obvious body language…

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