My Love, Love For Anything Japanese…Today We Are Talking Gardening

K, I am thinking Spring again…gearing up to cleaning the Greenhouse which means fondling & sorting “tools of the trade”. Here are 3 necessities for me.
A Japanese Hori Knife. The word Hori means “to dig” in Japanese. The Stainless Steel Hori Hori Knife is also fantastic for sawing, trimming, cutting, and transplanting in the garden. The two-sided blade on this Japanese gardening tool has a straight edge for weeding and cultivating, and a serrated edge for cutting roots, dividing plants, and trimming branches. LOVE! Lee Valley Stainless Steel $32.50

A versatile staple of Japanese gardening tools, the Japanese Cuttle Fish Hoe is a strong, solid forged hoe on one side and a heavy duty cultivator on the other. Lee Valley (called Mattock) $23.50

A Japanese hand saw, such as the Silky Gomboy 210 Folding Landscaping Saw with hollow-cut teeth and smooth parallel sides, cuts through branches quickly and smoothly: Lee Valley (called Handsaw under Japanese Pruning Tools) 67.50

You guessed it, I love Lee Valley as much as I love Leather Boots!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Darlene
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 09:30:44

    I can hardly wait for gardening season and green house hunting!!!!


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