ELYX Absolut Vodka!!!! Voted #1

My name is Cindy & I love Vodka!! Ok there I said it. Now what is equally fabulous is I have a great friend who is an ABSOLUT rep….he turned me onto this amazing brand. ABSOLUT has so many varieties but my fav is their super premium edition…ELYX! Probably the smoothest vodka I have every had & I know this doesn’t affect the flavor but dang the bottle is trés sexy!!
Here’s another fact about this label…it is Swedish, gez I thought this smooth Spirit came from Russia or the Ukraine.
This is what ABSOLUT had to say about their #1 Premium Vodka:
Inspired by 500 years of vodka making expertise, ABSOLUT has spent the last decade inventing a new vodka. Crafted from hand-selected estate wheat, and blended with soft and naturally filtered water, ABSOLUT ELYX is a true expression of quality. It is a small-scale vodka, produced according to craft techniques, in an authentic 1929 copper rectification still. The result: a handcrafted super premium vodka with an elegant, silky texture.
Go to their website to read more:

Absolut also has the most unique Brand messaging….loving all the bottles & different flavours. Bar None this Vodka is the BEST!!!!





Signing off from The Vodka Belt (DeWinton) & dreaming about a Caesar’s this weekend with Absolut Citron!!! Try it you will love…..


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