I’m surrounded and out numbered! Lessons Learned from Living in an ALL Male Household.

I know a few mom’s with all boys…a have to read…humerous & true.

Re-Inventing the Wheels

I am one woman living in a house FULL of the male species. Four sons and a husband = a lot of testosterone and NO pink fru-fru stuff. Below are 13 of the katrillion lessons I have learned from having 4 sons…

1. Family Rules MUST include a list of things that are acceptable to punch. Don’t judge me, I would rather dish out ‘safe’ ways of getting out aggression then get a hole in my wall, through a door, or have them punching each other… yes, I know that those things WILL happen no matter what the Family Rules are; but it’s not my job to condone it, it is my job to… redirect it?


Allowable punchems include, but are not limited to: pillows, mattresses, stuffed animals… pretty much anything soft that won’t get broken or won’t break the puncher. We’ve also purchased a free standing reflex bag…

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