Tired, Too Busy, No Ideas for Supper….Superstore Deli 11.99

After visiting the Superstore today I have to ammend price…it’s $11.99!!!!
It’s Hump Day & I have an idea…hmmmm
No time, too tired, no ideas for dinner….here is a fantastic supper & inexpensive from The Real Canadian Superstore Deli!!! For 12.99 in the Deli you get a freshly roasted chicken, 2 454 gram salads & a freshly baked baguette. The coupon is by Roasted Chickens, then it’s a scavender hunt for salads & bread is in Bakery. You would think it would all be together but no, it’s not.
Go on, get yourself a pedicure, stop by Superstore, get home, poof your face with flour, hide all empty containers at bottom of garbage can, place chicken on a plate in the oven, put salads in bowls, heat bread, look exhausted (ok look the way you do everyday at 6pm…yup tired) and serve picnic style. Your family will love & again they will think you are a super hero for creating a yummy master piece along with cleaning their underwear.
I Know They Don’t Know How Their Underwear Get’s Clean…It Must Be The Laundry God, but I Think You Are Amazing!!!!


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