Dry Hair Solution!!!

hairI have dry, curly, unruly hair, so when I saw a DIY on a coconut milk shampoo recipe to help hair like mine I ran to the store for ingredients, then to the lab, then to the shower. unfortunately this DIY was a failure (totally tested on me)…left my hair twice as big as it usually is, with a slight oil slick…argh!!!
Onto next experimental hair taming.
The above picture is not me, hehe but what I am striving for. This treatment was easy, ingredients in the cubbie & it did the trick to tame my golden (ok it's yellow with greyish roots currently) locks into silky smooth (hah) tresses.

Here is how to make it:

-2 eggs

-4 tablespoons olive oil

-Mix both ingredients together and apply onto hair

-Wrap the head with plastic wrap (this is not a good look), Leave on 10-12 minutes

-Rinse off with luke warm water

Voila shiny, smooth & not greasy looking!


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