Amazing Mothers….#4

I have an unspoken rule for myself….you can’t be my friend unless you are an amazing mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to a friend who is by my side running, boxing, snow shoeing, paddle boarding, travelling…the list could go on & on. You balance your world being a mother of 3 boys, having a job & still charge forward in all physical activities. I am proud to have you as a work out buddy, there hasn’t been a challenging we couldn’t conquer♥
Happy Mother’s Day to an amazing women who truly is my mentor! She is smart, trustworthy and has an awesome sense of humor…I can always count on her to lend an ear.
You are my sister & an amazing mother….I thank you for your babies. You have raised an amazing daughter and an incredible son who rock my world.
You run a chaotic business but you always have time & patience for your daughter & son.
Happy Mother’s Day….I salute you. xoxo

Happy Mother’s Day to a friend that is like a daughter to me. She has incredible kids, has mothering skills I wished I would have had, can swing a rope, take a photo, paint a room, cut a stylish bob…lord what can’t this women do??? I love you Blondie!
Happy Mother’s Day to another phenomenal women who can do pretty much anything from riding vintage motorcycles, hike any trail, raise chickens, pound a nail, design a house…there is so much more but her greatest accomplishment is her daughter Ellie who I also love like a daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day Lovely Ladies…you are very special to me. xoxo


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  1. Darlene
    May 07, 2013 @ 09:31:30

    Thank you! Cindy you as well are an amazing woman and are all of these qualities to all us woman!!!! Big hugs to you!!!!


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