Amazing Mother’s….#1

Well of course #1 has to be saved for my mom. My mom can plant & grow anything, she baked bread once a week for years, she has always had beautiful finger nails, she has beautiful thick hair, she loves lily of the valley flowers, she has strong faith, she loves to have coffee & chat with friends, she sewed my wedding dress, she enjoys an occasional glass of vino, she has true love for her sisters & brothers, she loved her 1st grandchild Michael…a lot, she bowled on Wednesday nights (so I could learn how to drive her car through the field as fast as I could…haha). I remember her wearing a pair of hot pants & thinking she was to old to be dressing like that….haha she wasn’t even 40 & I believe she was pretty hot in them. Thank you mom for raising a strong minded child, I love you!
Being a Mother is the hardest, most rewarding & most important job….EVER!!! These little people or grown up people will be our next generation, thank you to all the Mother’s out there that care enough to read a book at night with your munchkin, to stop in the middle of a hectic day to hug your baby and ask them how their day was, for keeping your home, a home sweet home, to know that discipline is really passing on your love…I salute you all! Have an awesome Mother’s Day, you deserve it.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Patti
    May 10, 2013 @ 07:33:14

    Sigh! So beautiful Cindy! Our Moms sound quite similar, except that my Mom bowled Monday nights and I didn’t rip around the field as fast as possible! It was just an excuse to stay up until 11pm on a weeknight………The downfalls of city living! Happy Mother’s day to you too! Although I never knew you when Michael was here, I know that your love for him is fierce and can confidently say that you are a wonderful mother to a beautiful boy in heaven.


  2. Ashley
    May 11, 2013 @ 05:52:29

    Great Blog this week. And so appropriate with the kind of week I had and me being blessed to become a mommy again. Being a Mother truly is something to be grateful for and too often taken for granted by many. Happy Mothers Day to all who were blessed enough to experience all that comes along with being a Mother.


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