Fairy Gardening…A Must


Miniature or “Fairy” gardening is one of the newest and most creative gardening trends & very addictive!
You can use any container, but the wider the diameter at the top, the more space you will have to create your fairy garden.

Since the whole purpose of the fairy garden is to have miniature plants, you’ll want to select plants that stay small or can be trained or trimmed to stay small. Take into consideration where you will place your container when its finished. I have quite a bit of shaded area as you walk into the yard so I am using ferns & succulents (they will grow in heat or stay small in shade) but there are so many plants to choose from. Here are a few:
■Baby Tears
■Creeping Thymes
■Irish Moss
■Jade Trees
■Dwarf Conifers
■Dwarf Boxwoods
■Mini African Violets
■Bonsai trees such as Schleffera, Ficus or other varieties
If you have any of the above in your garden, dig out for your Fairy Garden…I bet you could find a container in your house (use an old drawer, build a box, use an old bird bath, or use the bottom of a tree in your yard (the munchkins would love that). Also use plants in your garden & props (pieces of wood, rocks, pebbles, etc.) for garden outside. Endless ideas…. Of course the garden centres have miniature everythings to buy or you could get really creative & make your own furniture with wire. Go to Pinterest, there are lots of ideas.

If your container has no drainage, put a layer of rocks in bottom. Put a layer of dirt, place plants…decorate with mosses, piece of wood, pretty much anything.




Keep the Fairies happy, build them a home……


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vicki alias 'Nana'
    May 14, 2013 @ 17:10:34

    Love these cute wee garden ideas. We’re going to try one under the front tree. it’s huge & has those narly roots.


    • Raven Style
      May 14, 2013 @ 18:08:23

      Will look awesome Vicki…you really should go to Pinterest & check out how to make furniture. An example I saw was to take the top of a champagne bottle & make it into a chair. When you have to open bottle & empty it & get a chair…Win, Win…hehe


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