Raised Garden Beds…A Dream That Will Come True Next Year

I can grow a flower but I am a vegetable garden virgin. I do grow herbs, tomatoes & zucchini in big pots but I have never had a garden. As a kid my mom had a garden…we were allowed the privilege (I say this lightly) of weeding….well that is until we picked out all the tomato plants accidentally (hehe well maybe it wasn’t an accident…come on the swimming pool was waiting for us). I really want to try raised garden beds. Here are some cool pic’s and benefits of said boxes.
The benefits of a raised garden bed are they are great for keeping weeds out, prevent soil compaction, good drainage & serve as a barrier for slugs and snails (barf).






You can buy a kit from Lee Valley to make your raised bed.

Home Depot has a do it yourself on this link


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