What Fuels You? What’s Your Passion?

I can put my finger on why I enjoy physical activity…I lose myself in myself. There’s something inherently inside of me that refuses to let me sway from my fitness routine. I hate to miss any day out of my weekly routine.

Fitness is a passion of mine more important to me than I realized. I started to think about this passion, about how it essentially fuels me throughout the day as something that I completely refuse to compromise on, regardless of how tired I may be. Fitness, working out, exercise, whatever you want to call it–is the one thing I have that allows me to take some time for myself, focus on a specific task and work as hard as I can to attain it.

After realizing this, I thought about how fitness has always driven me to excel and inspired me to apply this fuel to other aspects of my life. I began to realize the importance of having something that I’m passionate about to inspire me throughout my day.

Whatever this may be for you, whether it’s taking some time to exercise for yourself, spending quality time with your family, or curling up with a great book, I can’t stress enough the importance of having something you’re passionate about to help you enjoy each and every day. Whatever it is that drives you to be a better you and ultimately makes you happy, can provide nothing but positivity in your life. And a little bit of positivity can definitely go a long way.

Peace Out People


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