Women….1950’s vs year of 2013


Do you ever wonder if the fifties had everything right? As I watch an episode of Mad Men, I ponder this. Life for women in the fifties sucked, what with the lack of women’s rights…and apparently this is depicted in the show. However, I disagree. I think Betty Draper has a better deal than she thinks…let’s compare:

Betty Draper’s day:
– Smoking a lot
– Attempting to bake a cake
– Tell maid what she wants for dinner
– Hanging out with her friends
– Watching TV
– Popping Valium
– Give maid shopping list
– Tell maid to wash dishes
– Tell maid to wash clothes
– Enjoying cocktails
– Self sufficient kids

My day:
-no smoking
-water outside plants
-Dump trip…again
-Mow the lawn…I swear there is a magical fertilizer genie
-water outside plants
-Clean cat puke up
-water outside plants
–Day drinking is considered unacceptable now

My day involves a lot less maid and way less Valium. I see this is a potential problem. I maintain that Betty Draper has a lot of shit going her way. She pretty much has everything she wants handed to her and she has someone else to do all of the crappy stay at home mom jobs. I realize her husband is a cheating douchebag, which is kind of sucky. But I admit there are days I might trade in my rights for her lifestyle. haha Just sayin’.

Here’s another way of thinking; Betty Draper has more going for her than we do for more than just her maid: she has substantially less pressures than women of today. If you are a suffragette and are seething right now, hear me out. Betty and similar women of their era had pressures, but are not pulled in the many directions we are currently.

Women in the fifties and those before were expected to get married, have babies and run the home. I’m not suggesting that this is easy. It isn’t. They had more babies than we do, and the men did less to help out (if they did anything at all). They also had sexist assfaces for husbands, while we generally enjoy somewhat equal rights. Unfortunately though, equality is a double edged sword. With those rights comes an extra heap on an already very full plate.

Today’s woman is now not only expected to be a good wife and mother, she is also supposed to be a sex kitten and a ball busting career girl. I have spoken to many women that feel they can’t win: if you go back to work, you’re selfish. If you stay home, you have given up your career. If you are mild mannered, you’re a doormat but if you speak up you’re a bitch. I have been judged and called a lot of unpleasant names for the choices I have made, and I’ve said shitty things about others to validate my choices. Ladies, we are our own worst enemies. How about rather than putting each other down, we build each other up?

So to you all you mamas staying home with your babies, good on you. To the ladies going back to work, rock on. And to those who have chosen not to have kids, you’re not “too selfish”. You’re intelligent and you realize that motherhood isn’t what you want. Instead of giving in to the pressures, be yourself and may you find amazing women to share your laughs and tears with.



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  1. Ashley
    Aug 20, 2013 @ 07:30:08

    Soooo true of now a days…..


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