School is Almost Apon You….Create a Chore Chart/Activity Calender

chalkboard kitchen tmp
Here is a way of getting your kids to do their chores as well as keep the whole family aware of month’s activities. Each day is clearly marked with the days activities, so no more bugging mom right?

Paint a board with chalkboard paint & frame, attach cup hooks from the hardware store to each day and added paper luggage tags from the office supply store. Each tag has a job on it. Probably a good idea to have each Munchkin’s name on each tag with chore. Before fun activity, computer time, etc for the day, their chores need to be done.

They can only take down the tag when the job is done & it has been approved…mean, I don’t think so…maybe will help mom breathe & have more qualitity time with their kid’s if they help out…win win!

Have some that are super simple…like “read for 20 minutes”…or match and fold socks, vacuum carpets, clean bathroom sinks, clean out microwave, clear off the counter, take out the garbage, etc. etc.



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