Denim Vest Anyone…..

denium vest4
Love a denim vest…follow these tips & you will look fab!
8 Tips for Wearing a Denim Vest
1. NEVER button up a denim vest– think of it as a cardigan.
2. If you wear a vest over a tee make sure the vest is much larger than the tee. Don’t want to look like a stuffed sausage.
3. Denim vests over sundresses are THE best way to wear vests in the summer.
4. Feeling like your strapless top/dress is a little skimpy? If so, you definitely qualify for wearing a vest.
5. If you are “well-endowed” make sure to get a vest without the breast pockets.
6. A vest should ALWAYS be worn over SOMETHING. It is not a shirt… I repeat, not a shirt. (Just like leggings are not pants)
7. If you’re afraid of looking like a hick, then go for white denim– it has a more of a modern, city vibe.
8. Never combine a denim vest with white tennis shoes….. Seinfeld anyone?
denium vest
denium vest5

denium vest6


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