First Day of School Thoughts….

I am thinking this morning of my niece going into Grade 11, my nephew in Grade 3, my friends twins going to Grade 1, their older brother in Grade 6, my young but gr8 friend with her three kids & her baby going to Grade 1, another friend with 3 kids, her oldest in Grade 12….so many mixed emotions by all these kids and their parents. Some are so excited & happy, some apprehensive & nervous. There’s something special about the First Day of School. Like a pristine notebook ready to have its pages turned and filled with life and learning, a First Day unfolds with excitement and promise.
I am a tad teary this morning from afar, thinking of this big moment for all the special little people & their mom’s…so here are a few heartfelt & funny diti’s to keep your minds off your kid’s for a moment.

Making memories that last forever.
This is the 5th year in a row this lady has done this…haha To funny!

T’was the Night Before School


T’was the night before school
And all through the kitchen
Momma was stirring
While the kids were all bitchin’

I don’t want to go to bed!
I don’t want to go to school!
I hate hot lunch!
These clothes are not cool!

Momma couldn’t be happier to see them off the next day
Eat your breakfast!
Use your manners!
Have a great day!

6 hours of silence
As she rode in her sleigh
To the bank, to the store, maybe a latte!
The first day of school was her favorite day!

But after noon passed
The clock didn’t seem to stir
The house was too quiet
No one needed her

3pm rolled around
And the kids got off the bus
She couldn’t wait to hear their tales
She missed all the fuss

It wasn’t easy being Momma
Day after day
But her heart felt empty without them
At time spent away

She hugged her babies tight that night
As she began to think,
Only the second day of school tomorrow
But the years are gone in a blink



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