35 Unexpected Things To Add To Your Compost Pile

I was fortunate enough to have passed down to me an “Earth Machine”…sounds like a space ship right well this will not take you to the moon via rocket boosters & liquid hydrogen/oxygen but it will help you reduce the amount of household garbage you generate by 25% or more. It definitely takes a long time to cultivate “The Mother Soil” but I am enjoying the whole “Hug A Tree” factor.

Starting a compost pile is one of the best things you can do for your garden and the environment. Every piece of garbage that goes into the pile instead of the dumpster saves valuable landfill space and adds much needed nutrients to your soil.

Once you get a good pile going, you’ll start running into the same question over and over again, “Is this compostable?” More frequently than you might think, the answer might be yes. Pretty much anything organic (organic here meaning derived from a natural source, not just stuff from Whole Foods) can go in the compost pile.

Not too surprising…

1. Dead Houseplants

2. Fireplace ashes

3. Tea Bags and Coffee grounds (including the filters)

4. Seaweed and Kelp

5. Stale Bread and other grain products

6. Eggshells

7. Used paper towels and napkins

8. Paper grocery bags (balled up or ripped in pieces)

9. Dirt and grime of the bottom of your shoes and boots (or swept off the floor)

10. Droppings from any of your vegetarian critters: chickens or other birds, rabbits, hamsters, horses, sheep, cows, etc.

11. Paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

12. Miscellaneous cardboard, so long as it’s not waxed and has been ripped into pieces (good job for a bored kid): paper plates, pizza boxes, egg cartons, cereal boxes, you name it!


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