Repair Callused Heels In 10 Minutes…Truth!!


My feet take a beating in the summer…I am not a fan of shoes, flip flops are my main squeeze from April til October. Soooo I have “thick heels”…gross! My calluses are so thick I could put a ciggy butt out on them & I wouldn’t flinch. Here are the simple details to lose a shoe size.
1 cup mouthwash (I used a bottle of No Name from the Dollar Store)
1 cup vinegar
2 cups hot water
Soak feet for 10 minutes in above mixture. Pumice your heels.
Voila…be prepared to be in love with your feet!


Canadian Treehouse Master

Toronto-based Michael Greenwood “grew up around wood, in the family workshop and in the forests of southern Ontario.” After graduating from college, Greenwood began undertaking small home renovations and studied luthery (guitar building) evenings at OCAD, where he developed an “appreciation for detailed, exacting work.” In addition to creating contemporary custom furniture, Greenwood also builds what he calls tree sanctuaries, ranging from simple platforms to multilevel shelters. To see more of his work, go to Greenwood Studio.


Above: Greenwood’s first tree house was one he built so inner-city kids could camp in the woods. His subsequent tree houses have gotten more elaborate, featuring slides, bridges, and climbing nets.


Above: Greenwood uses only salvaged or reclaimed woods from small local woodlots or from trees that have fallen on the building site. He also uses timber from old barns.


Above: Purposefully rustic, the tree houses blend in with their natural surroundings.

Above: For another of our favorite tree houses, see Little Red Tree House in the Big Woods.

Above: Greenwood’s tree house embellishments include zip lines and a crow’s nest lookout.


Above: An adventure playground by Greenwood with nets, bridges, and slides


mount olympos

Why would any climber want to ascend to the thin blade of glacially scoured rock known as the throne of Zeus atop Mount Olympos? This feature stands out with a topography 300 – 500 m above the “Plain of the Muses” which itself is ~2500m above sea level – and sea level is right next to Olympos, emerging from the shores of the Aegaean.

I don’t know why, but as long as he’s there I do wish he’d bring me back a rock sample…

Crazy but sure is a cool picture……

How You Perceive Yourself, How You Look To A Stranger…

This is totally worth the 6 minutes & 36 seconds….

Dry Hair Solution!!!

hairI have dry, curly, unruly hair, so when I saw a DIY on a coconut milk shampoo recipe to help hair like mine I ran to the store for ingredients, then to the lab, then to the shower. unfortunately this DIY was a failure (totally tested on me)…left my hair twice as big as it usually is, with a slight oil slick…argh!!!
Onto next experimental hair taming.
The above picture is not me, hehe but what I am striving for. This treatment was easy, ingredients in the cubbie & it did the trick to tame my golden (ok it's yellow with greyish roots currently) locks into silky smooth (hah) tresses.

Here is how to make it:

-2 eggs

-4 tablespoons olive oil

-Mix both ingredients together and apply onto hair

-Wrap the head with plastic wrap (this is not a good look), Leave on 10-12 minutes

-Rinse off with luke warm water

Voila shiny, smooth & not greasy looking!

Homemade Lipbalm for Your Crazy Sexy Lips!

I love lip balm but have a hard time finding luscious stuff in a tube. There are so many in cute little pots that look adorable, are silky soft but….barf, I hate to put my grimy finger in it. Soooooo I came up with a solution to my dilema….I’ll make my own. The thought kind of intimidated me but it brought out the inner chemist in me and ended up making me smile. I concocted a recipe from several different sites.
This is the finished product


ingredients: 2 tsp coconut oil, 2 tsp almond oil, 1 tsp grated beeswax, essential oils (I used Young Living Pure Essential oils both rosemary & lemon), dash of Mac lipstick (for a tad of color).
Pucker up Ladies…this Baby’s home is your purse, bedside table & your kitchen counter!

Happy Happy Valentine’s Day, Stuff to Look At, Buy or Dream About…Sigh

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone…Love The Day, Love Yourself & Be Kind To Everyone!

Branch Heart

Branch Heart

Enjoy your day! If you don’t get spoiled….SPOIL YOURSELF, YOU ARE WORTH IT♥

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