Happy Happy Valentine’s Day, Stuff to Look At, Buy or Dream About…Sigh

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone…Love The Day, Love Yourself & Be Kind To Everyone!

Branch Heart

Branch Heart

Enjoy your day! If you don’t get spoiled….SPOIL YOURSELF, YOU ARE WORTH IT♥


Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, I Think Not….Classic Rodeo Drive, Nanton Alberta Yes Ma’am

I love to shop locally & I love to tell  people how fabulous these local businesses are. You are in for a treat when you enter Ms. Audie’s store on Main Street in Nanton called Classic Rodeo Drive. She has carefully selected unique pieces for her store. She has an awesome line of clothing called Papillon which is both stylish & reasonably priced. There is also jewelry, dishes, leather bags, belts….well what can I say, you will just have to go & see for yourself.  Audie has an awesome service that you & your gifter will love. It’s called a  Wish Book & she will record your Christmas Wishes in (keep it down to 6 items Ladies….please!) & your hubby or Lova Boy can come by & pick an item….easy for the Mr. & you know “When Momma’s happy we are all happy”.

Nanton is approximately 30 minutes south of Calgary, a perfect amount of time to sip your Starbuck’s with Bestie rehashing friend’s Worst Christmas Sweater Party & who fell into the punch bowl….haha

You can follow on Facebook & they are open 7 days a week until Christmas!!!! Ladies, let’s take a road trip, shall we.