Hear’s Me Going On About Sugar Again….

If you have 45 minutes, this Fifth Estate show about sugar will make you think twice & encourage you to read labelling on food. Yesterday I looked at the cottage cheese label as I was topping it on what I thought was a healthy salad….10g of sugar in 1/2 cup! What!!!! 4 grams equals 1 teaspoon, so my healthy salad has just over 2 teaspoons of sugar on it!!! Sheesh!!!


8 Tools To Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Person

Good Morning…I thought this article was pretty cool as I have taken a lot of these steps (in different forms) to transform my life into a more harmonious way of living. #1 is key. Even though I don’t meditate, I am a believer in God & sometimes just asking for some peace & getting the mind still is the start to connecting to yourself. I always wondered why my mind raced and why all these crazy thoughts were running through it. Once I could settle my mind to a somewhat peaceful state, when I had a thought I started acting on it. Example…my thoughts would be on a person I had not seen or talked to for awhile…I will text or call that person…Result…that thought goes away because I acted on it & probably made someone smile.
#2 I learned this by saying to myself…”You are what you think”….”Where your mind goes that’s where you are going”. It did not take that long to change my way of thinking but you have to be aware of what you are saying to yourself!
K, enough about me, read on and tell me what you think.

By Jennifer Kass
It’s not an easy job being a human. But for those who decide to go big and step into our full potential in this lifetime, it’s through the chaos and challenges that our true nature is revealed—the beauty, wisdom and limitless possibilities of our being are cracked open.

From a spiritual perspective, highly sensitive people came here to do just this, as did all humans—and feel it all even more intensely because, well they have a big mission on the planet. We must go against the grain a little bit in order to teach by example; we do this by honoring our bodies, minds and souls with foods, relationships and work that nourish us. This is something that’s foreign to most people on the planet right now, but health and happiness is our birthright and we all need to take responsibility to lead the way back to balance and harmony.

When life’s challenges finally brought me to my knees, I aligned with my spiritual path and an awakening to the larger part of myself that I never fully understood or honored. The adventure of harnessing my superpowers began, and miracles I never thought possible became my daily experience.

My mission is to inspire you, uplift you, and give you the tools to move from a space of feeling like a victim of your circumstance, moving beyond a label and separation and into a place of empowerment.

Every human needs these tools and deserves to feel a deep sense of love and belonging—and most don’t—highly sensitive or not.

1. Connect with yourself.

Create a daily practice to cultivate self-love. Prayer and meditation is the act of asking for loving perceptions and then listening to the guidance you receive in meditation and throughout the day when you’re slowing down and being present. When we choose self-love and listen to our inner guiding system, it will never steer us wrong. The more you trust yourself and act from this aligned place, the more miracles you’ll experience; life will start to flow and struggle will release.

2. Clean up your side of the street.

Do the inner work and purify thoughts and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Get honest with yourself about the stories your ego has been telling you, making you feel separate, small, or unworthy. Begin to have the willingness to see things differently. What we believe in, we create, so begin to believe in your fairytale so you can create your happy dream.

No one else is responsible for our happiness and no one else is to blame for our unhappiness. Begin to differentiate between what’s yours and what’s someone else’s so you’re not taking on everyone else’s emotions. We are only serving if it’s from a place of joy—never a place of sacrifice.

3. Spend time with those who see your light.

As we release old ideas and come into a space of self-love, we let go of those who are not aligned with who we really are and attract new relationships that support and nourish us. Being with people who see our light is deeply healing and fulfilling. There is never a situation that we’re meant to compromise our happiness in order to please others. Create healthy boundaries and honor your inner guiding system that knows what’s best for you by walking away or saying no when it’s best.

4. Eat right.

Detox from toxic foods and drinks to clear the blocks to stronger focus and clarity and move to a clean, plant-based diet. We don’t usually connect food with intuition, but when we clear out the sugar, alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants, we are able to connect with our intuition on a higher level, allowing us to make even more healthy life changes and live a life of empowerment.

5. Get grounded.

Sometimes because it’s difficult being here, we want to float away. It’s important to remember that we chose to be here on a soul level and to experience everything that life has given us. Making the commitment to being here on the planet to fulfill our mission is important. A simple meditation once or twice a day with a visual of dropping a chord from your heart center down into the heart center of the earth, is a great first step to grounding more.

6. Practice shielding.

This one might feel a little more esoteric, but a daily shielding technique is very helpful before leaving your home or entering social situations. It looks like a short meditation: close your eyes and bring in a vision of pure white light from the crown of your head and out through your heart, surrounding your entire body. Do this until you feel completely enveloped in the warm, white light. Set the intention to allow only loving energy to flow your way and to flow from you to everyone else who needs this healing energy.

7. Flex your superpowers.

Harness your natural psychic abilities which is any moment you feel something is going to happen, or you know what someone is thinking or feeling without them telling you, by paying attention and trusting it. The more you recognize these moments as real, the more power you give them, and the more you strengthen your personal divine gifts in this world, given to you to bring more love and anchor it on the planet.

8. Celebrate life every day. You feel so much because you are alive.

Being numb, bored, dull, and blocked is not what we came here to do! To have the capacity to feel the gamut of human emotions is a gift and one that allows us to fully be in this human experience. How we show up in the world is our choice and we can choose to suffer or we can choose to be happy.

Be Happy!

be happy


What I Know For Sure Now, But Didn’t At 16 Years Old!

Things I would like to tell my niece, my friend’s son & any pre-teen or teen on surviving Grade 6 to Grade 12 with self-esteem.

Here are a few tidbits of wisdom I wished I would have known cuz they are darn important in the art of survival in adolesence:

Comparison is the thief of joy. You are enough. Exactly the way you are, right here, right now.

Here’s a concept:
Forward (onward so as to make progress) expansion (the act of becoming bigger or of making something bigger) is inevitable. The question is: Are you expanding toward the light (love, acceptance, hope), or are you expanding toward the dark (fear, doubt, rage, negativity)?

Mistakes can be one of the most valuable lessons in life, and do not be afraid to fail, because it’s in those moments — the ones where we get back up and dust off our tushies — that we’re aware of our true selves, our true essence, our true spirit.

The importance of joy in your life is Uber important, exploring joy, feeding joy, growing your internal happiness.

I encourage you to:
Be yourself, no matter what and please don’t dim your light to make others more comfortable.

Never give up on your dreams!

Be Kind, it’s an easy buzz.

Have you ever tried a handstand (of course you have)…Did you know that kindness can be every bit as powerful as standing on your hands, because both cause your body to release endorphins.

Choose Joy

Laughter is food for the soul

Don’t forget to feed your own soul

Peace Out Important Little People! xo

Good Action’s Give Strength!



10 Truths All Healthy People Know

Really good article…couldn’t have said it better!

By Dr. Amy Shah

Like you, and thousands of others, I am on a journey toward optimal health. Along the way, I’ve realized that there is no traditional definition of this lifestyle. It’s not strictly paleo, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, flexitarian etc. In fact, it’s so much more.

How do you know if you are part of the new healthy?

These are 10 of the characteristics of the New Healthy:

1. You want to live actively into your 90s.

The life expectancy worldwide is 70 and rising. However, what really matters is how functional we are in our later years. I want to be walking, running, playing, bending all into my last days. Many of my choices today have that long-term goal in mind.

2. You don’t freak out about calories.

Seriously, who wants to track calories and worry about tallying them? Talk about taking the joy out of eating! As we all know, calories are not all equal, so a simple calculation of calories is very misleading (and obsessive).

3. You don’t always believe what the FDA, USDA, or big brands tell you.

Not everyone is invested in your health. In fact, many big name food manufacturers try to sell you products that are addictive or known (and in fact, designed) to cause cravings. Don’t believe me? Read this.

4. You’re not a slave to the scale.

As you know, muscle weighs more than fat, so you might weigh more when you build more muscle. Being a slave to the scale will send you on an emotional roller coaster.

5. You incorporate weight training.

Gone are the days where we do cardio everyday without ever doing weight-bearing exercise. You need it for your bones, your metabolism, and more.

6. You know that fat is not evil.

The New Healthy are intimately familiar with avocados, coconuts, omega-3’s, and favorable fats. It’s the type of fat that matters.

7. You know that living an organic lifestyle is not just for hippies anymore.

“Organic” used to mean wearing Birkenstocks and living a fringe lifestyle. Now, with all the information we have, it’s a fairly mainstream practice to eat organic. While I am not 100% organic, I work toward incorporating local, organic food as much as possible.

8. You won’t starve to look good.

NO ONE, man or woman, wants to be hungry all the time! Anyone who knows a model or actor knows that starving is almost part of the job description. It’s also the theory behind most popular diet plans.

9. You realize curing disease starts with you.

Rather than relying purely on medications and doctors, we take action by cleaning up our diet, exercising, sleeping, and using supplements. We identify our problems instead of just relying on someone to magically cure us.

10. You believe that health is equally about mind and spirit as it is about fitness

Happiness-Boosting…Sign Me Up!

I read an article that really made me think….I try to focus on “the good things” but this inspired me to end the day by running through a few thought provoking, inspiring questions. Pretty much to focus on what happy and good stuff happened in my day.

Here are the questions Karen Salmansohn had in her article, I will share with you my yesterday…(kinda hard to answer everyone, every night…cut me some slack)

I’ve created a list of 10 happiness-boosting questions to share at the end of the day (with family or friends) to increase both happiness and connectedness!

1. What did you learn today? That there is only so much you can do in a day…there is always tomorrow.

2. What made you laugh today? When I picked up something for Allan, the guy said to me “This is a Beamer, not a Freight Hauler….haha…still belly laughing over that one.

3. What surprised you today? That this mornings sunrise was more beautiful than the day before.

4. What made you proud today?

5. What loving action did you do for someone today? Texted back & forth with my niece while she was try to coax a burp out of her baby (she’s a mother of 2 under the age of 2…Mother of The Year Award should go to this one)

6. What loving action did someone do for you? An I love you text from my 16 yr old niece. A couple of friend’s who always let’s me know they support me in my Blogging, which is so nice cuz as much as I love to do the Blog, it can get “Is anyone out there even like what I am writing?”.

7. What do you feel especially grateful about today? My health

8. What did you do today to move a little closer to a goal/dream?

9. How did you stretch yourself further today?

10. What made you feel excited/inspired today? To be able to travel someplace new.

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